An Awesome Giveaway!

I’m so excited to open the SPA and love your curiosity, enthusiasm, presence in being part of this launch! As a gift to you to show my gratitude and, of course, with your help to spread the word to all your creative or creative craving friends, I’m giving away a whole ding dang private session with you to then create your SOUL POUR!

Yup, you + me + lots of magic to create a one of a kind piece of flow art for your home, office, or special spot you go to renew and return to your true soul-full self. These are personal prayer and manifestation paintings infused with powerful mojo just for you!

We’re doing this thru launching until June 15th and the winner will be announced then!

Whoever shares the most and tags me WINS!

I ask of you just one thing . . .

How to Enter this Contest

Show & share the love!

The launch of something new and never done before can take lots of energy and ups and downs. It’s par for the creative course😉

My request is that you share an AHA!, any transformational insight, or something you learned and loved about this free class series. Or, maybe you simply want to share that my goofy side made ya chuckle and at least it was en entertaining time spent together🤣😉!

It’s up to you of course. Here’s are a few simple suggestions as well to engage in this exchange of energy . . .


Grab a selfie of yourself doing the work with your workbook / notebook or doing something creative and add – “Growing some!! – my creative mindset with Michelle at Soul Pours Academy that is!!” use the tag #soulpourswithmichelle and/or #soulpoursacademy


Same thing. It’s really up to you what you want to say. Use the hastags #soulpourswithmichelle and/or #soulpoursacademy